Prevented imports of smuggled tobacco products

The Sochi customs officials seized more than 1,200 packets of cigarettes, which tried to carry on yourself and in the recesses of the car.

Another attempt to illegally move cigarettes from Abkhazia to Russia suppressed the Sochi customs officers together with border guards.

Last week at the automobile component of the customs post MAPP Adler Sochi customs had thwarted several attempts to move illegal tobacco products across the Russian-Abkhaz border.

So, the car “VAZ 21043”, arrived from Abkhazia in the early morning, according to the results of customs inspection using mobile inspection complexes (MIS) was discovered heterogeneous dark areas, not related to the design of the vehicle.

During carrying out customs inspection of the car was installed that screwed the gas tank instead of gasoline is a tobacco products without excise stamps. Just geocache was hidden 45 blocks and 3 packs of cigarettes (453 packs).

The man explained that he was in the Republic of Abkhazia visiting relatives, where friends encouraged him to “earn” and for a fee to carry cigarettes across the border. To that end, he built a hiding place by removing the gas tank of the car, draining the gasoline and putting it in the space formed cigarette.

During the customs control of the other of the car “VAZ 21093” using MIS cigarette was discovered under the hood in the plastic housing of the oven, the duct and also in the trunk in the spare wheel. Only in the recesses was 284 packs of cigarettes.

On the same day, during the customs control of individuals from the Republic of Abkhazia to the Russian Federation, aroused the suspicion of the citizen, held at the “green corridor”. The presence of the audio signal by manual metal detector indicated possible move under their clothes illegal goods. When carrying out personal inspection it was found that one of them under my jacket and the jacket fixed with tape on the body was hidden 316 packs of cigarettes. Another citizen under clothing in a special vest tried to carry on himself 19 blocks and 2 packs of cigarettes (192 packs). Tobacco products without excise stamps. Resident of Abkhazia explained that the cigarettes they were carrying for the purpose of sale in Russia.

Tobacco products seized, samples are sent to the merchandising expertise. Against citizens prosecuted on administrative offenses under part 2 of article 16.1 and article 16.3 Of The Administrative Code Of Russia.

From the beginning of 2020 on the facts of illegal movement of tobacco products across the customs border of the EEU in accordance with the customs brought over 60 cases of administrative offenses, it is 63% of the total number of cases on AP (145 cases of AP). Seized more than 1,000 cartons of cigarettes.

Marina Zhupanova, press Secretary of the Sochi customs