North-West customs Department revealed the facts of abuse of authority

North-West customs Department revealed the facts of abuse of power

Service anti-corruption SZTU in cooperation with SEB FSB of Russia across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region found and stopped the illegal scheme, operating in the field of import of certain commodity groups, customs supervision which is carried out by the Southern customs post of St. Petersburg customs.

For the smooth importation of goods and to avoid negative consequences in the form of bringing to administrative responsibility with representatives of traders established relations of corruption with the officials of the southern customs office, which is responsible for carrying out the actual customs control. Data corrupt relationship existed over a long period of time, and in the illegal scheme involved at least five officials of the customs post, which constituted a stable group.

In the period from 13 December 2019 7 April 2020 officials, acting in a group by prior conspiracy, systematically received from the representative of traders of bribes for a total amount of not less than 900 thousand rubles for the acceleration of the time of customs control, and not revealing of signs of administrative offences and does not initiate cases on administrative offenses related to the significant reduction of weight and false Declaration, names and other parameters of the goods affecting the amount owed to the payment of customs duties, the lack of labeling and documents certifying that the goods supplied meet all the requirements.

According to the materials of the anti-corruption SZTU the second Department for investigation of especially important issues of Severo-the Western Investigatory management on transport of Investigatory Committee of Russia on 3 July, 2020 in respect of officers of the southern customs post of St. Petersburg customs brought criminal case on signs of structure of a crime under part 5 St. 290 criminal code (bribery by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement in the large size). For the offence stipulates a maximum penalty of up to 90-the multiple sum of a bribe or with imprisonment for the term up to 12 years.

In the course of urgent investigative actions of all participants in the illegal scheme gave confession to receive and transfer illegal remuneration.

Currently, investigative actions aimed at establishing the circumstances, reasons and conditions of committing a crime.

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