Now the inspection of timber is carried out in Yekaterinburg

Now the inspection of timber is carried out in Yekaterinburg

A few months ago, the customs inspection at the export of timber from the territory of the Sverdlovsk region was carried out in Serov, Irbit and Nizhny Tagil Yekaterinburg customs posts customs. But the remoteness of the place of shipment, difficult accessibility, lack of cargo handling equipment delayed the production of forest products, despite the willingness of customs to work on weekends and public holidays.

Today the timber are actual customs control on 8 customs posts. Convenient access, availability of special equipment and the necessary infrastructure October the Verkh-Isetsky customs posts made inspection of timber fast and comfortable. Thanks to more than 20% of inspections completed on the day of appointment, 75% the next day.

For the first half of more than 12 thousand export customs declarations on the strategic resource submitted in the Ural electronic customs. More than 7 thousand consignments with a volume of 450 thousand cubic meters of attrition with the territory of Sverdlovsk region. Wood logs and lumber are sent mainly to the countries of Central and South-East Asia. The total value of exported timber has exceeded 2 billion U.S. dollars.

Almost 30% of returns from timber are produced automatically, the others are checked manually for hours. Risk management system selects only 1.3% of forest declarations for customs control in the form of inspection or examination.

The impact of such measures is high. Only for the first half of 2020, officials of the Yekaterinburg customs results of customs inspection of timber filed 75 cases on administrative offences on the facts of false Declaration of goods (the excess stated in the Declaration of volume of wood, the presence of undeclared species of wood).

“Also recorded cases of evasion of customs control of some traders. In connection with the failure of the timber to undertake the actual customs control at the request of the customs authorities of the Ekaterinburg customs under part 1 of article 19.4 of the administrative code (disobedience to the lawful demands of officials of body of control) in the 1st half of 2020 filed 11 cases on AP, by results of which consideration, justices of the peace appointed administrative punishment in the form of fines and warnings,” commented first Deputy head of Yekaterinburg customs Sergey Balandin.

Department of public relations UTU