North-West Customs Administration

A final meeting was held at the North-West Electronic Customs Office under the chairmanship of Alexander Povoda, head of the North-West Customs Directorate.

The meeting reviewed the results of work in 2023 in the main areas of activity, discussed problematic issues that deserve special attention, and defined the tasks for 2024.

The past year for the staff of the customs became quite busy. Since April, the electronic declaration centers of the NWET were the first in the country to fully switch to customs operations in the new software,” said customs chief Andrei Shapoval. – The experience and experience of the customs specialists are eventually taken into account when implementing the centralized version of the AIST-M software product – Customs Operations Workstation (CTO Workstation) nationwide

99% of the declaration array of the customs region is processed by the electronic declaration centers of NWET. Last year about 14 thousand participants of foreign economic activity carried out operations in the region. The main volume of import falls on industrial goods, parts of machinery and equipment, household appliances and consumer electronics, in the second place – food products, in the third place – products for chemical and processing industry. The structure of exports is dominated by fertilizers, woodworking products, metal and fish

The Federal Customs Service is working hard to automate customs operations. First of all, it concerns operations on automatic registration and automatic release of goods. During the year, the customs issued more than 470 thousand declarations for goods. More than 91% of export and more than 77% of import declarations were automatically registered. The share of declarations released automatically, without the involvement of an inspector, is growing steadily

As a result of the application of the risk management system, while the number of customs inspections decreased by more than 25%, the efficiency of customs inspections in terms of detecting administrative offenses increased by 2.5%. In the reporting period, Customs initiated more than 1,900 cases of administrative offenses and 5 criminal cases

North-West electronic customs is the only one with two electronic declaration centers – North-West and Baltic, – noted Alexander Povod, summarizing the meeting Every 8th declaration for goods in the country is issued here. SZET has ensured the receipt of more than 516 billion rubles to the federal budget, which exceeds last year’s figure by almost 20%. It is necessary to fulfill in 2024 all the tasks and obligations set before us by the Federal Customs Service.

Finishing the event, Alexander Povod thanked the customs staff for their productive work and presented departmental awards

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