North Caucasus Customs Administration

Dagestan customs officers uncovered a large shipment of illegal tobacco products

Published: February 19, 2024 12:00 AM

Officers of the Dagestan customs office, in the course of inspections in the town of Buynaksk, revealed more than 21,000 packs of illegally sold cigarettes

Foreign cigarettes without excise stamps, as well as products of Russian and Belarusian production without appropriate marking by means of identification (Data Matrix codes) were found on the counters and in warehouses

The tobacco products were seized for further action in accordance with the law

We would like to remind you that in the territory of the Russian Federation, trafficking in tobacco products without marking with special (excise) stamps, as well as means of identification (Data Matrix codes), is a criminal offense

Zoya Amirkhanova,
press-secretary of Dagestan customs
tel. (8722) 982-258