Moscow customs contributes to the development of international cooperation and strengthening of ties between the countries

January 26 is the international day of customs officer – the professional holiday of customs authorities around the world. In 1950, in Brussels, signed a Convention, which established the customs cooperation Council (CCC). January 26, 1953 held the first session of the Council, the session was attended by only 17 countries. Since 1983, this day was celebrated as the international day of customs.

International customs cooperation contributes to strengthening the interstate relations and a more dynamic development of trade between the two countries, the more successful the fight against customs offenses and smuggling. In the development of customs cooperation and strengthening of ties between the two countries contributes to Moscow customs. Regularly held meetings for exchange of experience and cooperation on issues of customs clearance of international mail (MPO).

In 2019 the customs post international post office hosted delegations from China, Netherlands, Estonia, Mongolia, Abkhazia, Belarus and other countries.

The meetings addressed issues related to procedures for the exchange of messages between postal operators and customs authorities, the practice of using specialized software tools FGUP “Mail of Russia” in accounting for MPO and presentation of postal operator of MPO to the customs authority for customs control and implementation issue.

Representatives of international delegations carried out a detailed analysis of practical situations related to the detection of violations of customs legislation, and offences under the customs body of the MPO. They talk about quantitative and cost restrictions in the direction of the MPO and the import of goods to the Russian recipients and current rates of customs charges for exceeding them, and also prohibited to import on the territory of the EAEU goods.

When you visit the customs control zone of the place of international postal exchange in Moscow-Vnukovo IGO, the guests show area of delivery and transit of goods, control of fissile and radioactive goods, reception of containers, opening and registration of the ISAS x-ray control. and detailed examination of the sort the modern sorting equipment and sending.

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