Mineralovodsky customs officers have passed anti-corruption testing

Mineralovodsky customs officers have passed the anti-corruption test

In Mineralovodsky customs passed the test which determined the level of knowledge of the legal framework for combating corruption, formation of anti-corruption consciousness and ability to resist the attempts of inducement to corruption offenses.

30 test questions answered 99 of customs officers, including the senior management team. Most coped with the tasks perfectly.

As shown by the testing, officials Mineralovodsky customs have a clear idea about the algorithm of actions in case of occurrence of conflict of interest, and also if accessed for the purposes of inducement to commit corruption offenses. Customs is well aware of the responsibility for corruption acts and other aspects of anti-corruption legislation, as reflected in the Criminal and Civil codes of the Russian Federation, Federal laws “On state civil service of the Russian Federation”, “On combating corruption” and the Code of ethics and official conduct of officials of the customs bodies of the Russian Federation.

Testing was preceded by seminars with the heads of structural subdivisions and officials of customs posts. Customs officers reminded the rules for completing certificates of income and parse errors that occur when filling them. Note that 76% of customs officers have passed the information on income, expenditures and property obligations for the year 2019. The pandemic coronavirus reception information, extended to August 1, 2020.

Julia Kutaka,
a press-the Secretary of Mineralovodsky customs