Kursk customs officers detained 15 cameras

At the end of 2019 in the automobile checkpoint Tekino Kursk customs officials Glushkovskogo customs post were detained 63-the summer citizen of Ukraine who tried to smuggle into Russia a surveillance system.

During the customs inspection in the trunk of a car was discovered a cardboard box with a video monitoring system consisting of DVR with hard drive, power supply, network switch and 15 cameras for outdoor and indoor surveillance with accompanying accessories, weighing more than 19 pounds. Passenger car – a resident of the neighbouring Sumy region of Ukraine, said that at the request of his friend were brought from Ukraine to Russia video surveillance system, which his friend had ordered for personal use on one of the Ukrainian Internet sites. That the imported goods does not apply to goods for personal use and subject to customs Declaration, allegedly did not know.

Based on the nature and quantity transported through the customs border of goods the EEU, given the explanation of the citizen of Ukraine about the product, it was decided on notesini this video surveillance system for goods for personal use. Equipment subject to customs Declaration.

In fact you fail to declare in the prescribed form of the goods subject to customs Declaration, a criminal case on an administrative offence. Video surveillance system is withdrawn and directed on examination.

During the investigation of cases of AP were interviewed a citizen of Russia, the Ukraine ordered the goods. In his words, a surveillance system he bought for protection of a house under construction, as compared with the prices in the Russian market, it there is cheaper. That the goods at import on customs territory of the EAEU subject to Declaration and must pay customs duties – I did not know.

Expert common free (market) cost of the surveillance system in the domestic market of the Russian Federation determined in the amount of more than 92 thousand rubles, which when converted amounted to more than 1300 EUROS.

As the head of the Glushkovskogo customs office Vyacheslav Zvegintsev, after the completion of the investigation the administrative case was sent for decision to the court.

The sanction of article 16.2 of the administrative code provides for a penalty – a penalty of one-half to two times the value of the goods or its confiscation. In addition, when importing goods to Russia will have to pay customs duties,- said Vyacheslav.

Subject to all incurred time costs and financial costs, a surveillance system was much more profitable to buy in Russia.

Sergey Bryantsev,
press Secretary of the Kursk customs