Kursk customs informs about changing the form and order of filling of the passenger customs Declaration

Kursk customs informs residents of the Kursk and Orel regions, is planning to make a trip outside the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), that from February 1, 2020 at checkpoints across the customs border of the Union will apply a new form of the passenger customs Declaration (PCD). Form PTD and the procedure for its completion determined by the Decision of Board of the Euroasian economic Commission from 23.07.2019 No. 124 “On the customs Declaration of goods for personal use”.

The decision of the EEC Board established a procedure of filling of the passenger customs Declaration with the customs Declaration of goods for personal use, using the passenger customs Declaration for placing goods under the customs procedure of customs transit, as well as the rules of customs operations related to the change (addition) of the information stated in the passenger customs Declaration.

In a new passenger customs Declaration there is no division into primary and secondary forms. The content of the sections of the Declaration was more specific. The list of goods subject to written Declaration, exhaustive. This is a cash and traveler’s checks over $ 10,000 US dollars (for 1 person), promissory notes, cheques (Bank cheques), securities; goods imported with exemption from customs duties and taxes; goods, value, weight and (or) quantity exceeds the rates of import without payment of customs duties and taxes; cultural values; civil and service weapons, their parts and ammunition; narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors in the form of medicines; animals, plants; collectible materials in Mineralogy, paleontology, fossil bones of animals; samples of biological materials of the person; other goods in respect of which complied with prohibitions and restrictions and require submission of supporting documents and information.

Carefully reading and filling counts of the Declaration, it is possible to avoid violations of customs rules.

From 01 February 2021 into effect the regulations on the procedure for filling of the passenger customs Declaration in electronic form. When filling in the passenger customs Declaration in form of electronic document used reference books and classifiers, members of the resources of a single system of normative-reference information of the Eurasian economic Union, as well as reference books and classifiers, used for customs purposes, generated and to be applied in accordance with the laws of the member States of the EEU.

The passenger customs Declaration in the form of a paper document is filled in 2 copies, except in the cases determined by Decision of the EEC Board. One copy is for the customs authority which submitted the customs Declaration and the other for the declarant.

Customs Declaration of goods belonging to physical persons under 16 years of age, their parents, adoptive parents, custodians or supervisors of such persons, or representatives of the carrier in case of organized departure (entry) of them without parents and other authorized persons.

To see the new form of the passenger customs Declaration and order of its filling on the official websites of the Federal customs service of Russia www.customs.ru and the Eurasian economic Union www.eaeunion.org.

Officials of the Kursk customs and ready-to-use new form of the passenger customs Declaration. Received a sufficient number of PTD, including those translated into English, German, Finnish and Chinese.

The necessary information about the procedure for filling and use of the passenger customs Declaration can be obtained in the legal Department of the Kursk customs (phone (4712) 52 08 42).


Sergey Bryantsev,
press Secretary of the Kursk customs