Krasninskiy customs post of Smolensk customs is the best team of internal customs post in the CTS

In the Central customs administration summed up competition on the best team of the customs authorities.

The contest in the nomination “the Best team of internal customs post” Krasninskiy customs post occupied the first place among the internal customs Control posts on the results of work in 2019.

History Krasninskiy customs post begins with 2011. Currently part of the post has three divisions, two of them located in Krasninskiy district, and one in Rudnyanskiy. For the main results of the activities Krasninskiy post has achieved significant results.

One of the main indicators of performance is the execution of control tasks on the transfer of revenues to the Federal budget. Over the past year Krasninsky customs station transferred to the Federal budget over 9 billion 43 million rubles, which is 9.26% greater than the reference value of the index.

In 2019 post decorated 10.5 thousand goods declarations, it admits 1003 vehicles under the escort of security organizations of the Republic of Belarus (APPG – 615), of which consignments for TIR Carnets – 123 (APPG – 63), transit declarations – 880 (APPG – 552).

Over the past year by fasting opened 205 cases of administrative offences (APPG – 77 cases of AP), on contrebandiers articles (articles 16.1, 16.2 of the administrative code of Russia) – 16 cases.

The leadership of the customs post is active in the development of cooperation between the customs authority and the traders. Meetings are held to discuss problems arising during the performance of customs operations and their solutions.

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V. L. Safonov