The Dagestani customs has summed up results of activities for the year 2019

23 January 2020 in the Dagestani customs held an extended meeting on summing up the activities of the Dagestan customs service in 2019 and targets for 2020.

To participate in the event in Makhachkala arrived the head of the North-Caucasian customs Department albert Mavlikov. Also in the meeting took part the Minister of economy and territorial development Haji Gali, Makhachkala transport Prosecutor Rinat faridovich, head of Management of Federal tax service Gazinur Apsalyamov, representatives of FSB of Russia in Dagestan and the Border Department of the FSB of Russia in Dagestan, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dagestan, the bailiff Service, THE Federal property management Agency in RD, of Rosselkhoznadzor for RD as well as other interacting agencies and departments.

The agenda included topics on the basic directions of activity of customs. A report in the direction of the customs control organization he was made first Deputy head of the Dagestan customs service Hazirmisin Islamov. He noted that in 2019, significantly increased the number of consignments transported by road and rail through the border crossing points located in the region of the Dagestan customs service, at the same time managed to achieve positive dynamics in the reduction of terms of customs operations.

Considerable attention in his speech, Hazirmisin Islamov paid to the application of advanced customs technologies. So, in 2019, actively used technology:

– the principle of “one window” at the border checkpoint Yarag-Kazmalyar reached 100%;

– electronic transit, which accounts for 99%

– preliminary notification reached 100%.

Special attention, according to him, is the work in the framework of the risk management system (RMS). Total for 2019 in the framework instituted 5 criminal cases and 879 cases of administrative offences.

The next speaker was the Deputy chief of customs Rustam Batyrov, who noted that since the beginning of 2019 the Dagestan customs as the customs actual control was transferred to the Federal budget more than 92,15 million. However, he outlined positive dynamics to recover in the budget, the debt incurred in the subsequent control. “Measures taken by the customs collect the debts in the amount of about 261,11 million rubles,” – he said.

“It should also be noted held in customs efforts to curb the importation of counterfeit goods, the results of which since the beginning of 2019 identified 6577 units of counterfeit products, brought 44 cases of administrative offences under article 14.10 KoAP of the Russian Federation and 1 criminal case under article 180 of the criminal code of Russian Federation”, – said Rustam Batyrov.

Subsequent speakers continued summarizing, elaborating on the results achieved in individual areas of work. So, the acting Deputy chief of the Dagestan customs service the ISA gasanaliyev reported on the results of work of law enforcement units in 2019. In his speech, he noted that enforcement of the Dagestan customs service is directed on compensation of economic damage to the Federal budget, counteraction to illegal turnover of certain categories of goods prohibited for import to the territory of the Russian Federation. “As a result of carried out quickly-search actions by customs in 2019 3811 filed cases on administrative offences and 15 criminal cases on the facts of violation of customs legislation. The total cost of the goods that are the subject of crime in criminal cases amounted to 41 million 597 thousand rubles,” – he said.

The chief of service of customs control after release of goods Myrzahanovich said in his speech, said: “Since the beginning of this year the mobile group in the course of control measures to prevent importation into the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited “sanctions” products seized and destroyed more than 9 tons of “sanctions” of the product, there are about 7 000 units of counterfeit products.

The amount of avoided damage to right holders of trademarks, in connection with the seizure of counterfeit goods according to representatives of right holders exceeded 25 million rubles.”

In their speeches, in addition to the results achieved, the speakers talked about the goals and priorities in work of customs authorities in 2020.

So, the key objectives for 2020 were: the achievement of higher results of application of perspective customs technologies, the improvement of the checkpoints, reducing the time of customs operations promoting the development of foreign economic activities, provision of measures for the implementation of the planned target on gathering of customs payments in the Federal budget and other.

After discussion, the task for the current year the head of the North-Caucasian customs Department albert Mavlikov personally handed over departmental awards to outstanding at year-end, officials of the Dagestan customs service and reminded the staff of the customs to preserve and increase the positive dynamics in all areas of activities.

Summing up, albert Vasilevich expressed gratitude to the management and staff of the Dagestan customs service for the implementation of the achieved tasks set by the President and Government of Russia, the leadership of the Federal customs service and the North-Caucasus customs Department.

He also noted that, according to the results of work for the year 2019 of the Dagestan customs recognized as the best among customs North-Caucasian customs Department.

Zoe Amirkhanova,
press Secretary of the Dagestani customs