Across the border in “cigarette” dresses

More than 600 packs of cigarettes, trying to bring to himself the inhabitant of Abkhazia.

Three attempts in one day to illegally move cigarettes from Abkhazia to Russia suppressed the Sochi customs.

The automotive component of the customs post MAPP Adler Sochi customs during the customs control of individuals from the Republic of Abkhazia to the Russian Federation, the attention of customs officers drew citizen held by the “green corridor”.

– When carrying out customs control data of citizens aroused the suspicion of the volumes and proportions of their bodies – said the Deputy head of the customs post MAPP Adler Alexey Bykov. – In addition, the presence of the audio signal by manual metal detector indicated possible move under their clothes illegal goods.

When conducting a personal customs inspection it was established that the first woman under his jacket-coat was a dress of bell, in which podobnie in specially made pockets were hidden 23 cartons of cigarettes (230 packs 4600 pieces). Another woman under a fur jacket and dress were discovered attached with tape on the body of 23 cartons of cigarettes. Third citizen under clothing, trying to bring to yourself 157 packs of cigarettes (3140 pieces).

Resident of Abkhazia explained that he had hidden the cigarettes under your clothes, as they knew about the prohibitions and restrictions on the movement of tobacco products across the customs border. According to them, they planned to sell cigarettes in Russia.

Besides, one of the women commits the same offense three times already. Illicit cigarettes were seized from her at the customs post MAPP Adler in December 2019. And this week she tried to smuggle through the Russian-Abkhaz border tobacco products in the train. At the customs post of checkpoint Adler in her suitcase, customs officers found nearly 100 cartons of cigarettes. Now the violator will have to pay for illegal business fine.

Tobacco products seized, samples are sent to the merchandising expertise. In respect of citizens filed cases on administrative offenses under part 2 of article 16.1 and article 16.3 Of The Administrative Code Of Russia.

Marina Zhupanova, press Secretary of the Sochi customs