Urals Customs Administration

At the advisory council, business representatives and customs officers discussed constructive interaction between the agency and foreign trade participants. The meeting was opened by Alexey Timanovsky, Acting Head of the Ural Customs Directorate. Among the participants: representatives of the business community and large enterprises, entrepreneurs, the management of the Department and customs

I note the positive dynamics of work of the Urals customs officers in the development of mechanisms for quick and high-quality settlement of disputes in pre-trial order with the least time and financial costs for business,” – said Elena Artyukh, Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights of the Sverdlovsk region

Anastasia Bykova, Head of the Currency Control Department of the Ural Electronic Customs Office, told about the procedure of forming documents for recording foreign trade barter transactions

To fill out this document, the customs authority requests in writing from Russian legal entities and individuals the documents that must be provided within 10 days in the form of originals or certified copies,” reminded Anastasia Bykova.

Anastasia Bykova

How to comply with the prohibitions and restrictions on trade with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and the rules of filling out the statistical form of accounting was told by Dmitry Shishkin, Acting Head of Ekaterinburg Customs. He noted the growth of errors detected in statistical forms: about 60% of such documents are put under control at Ekaterinburg Customs. Such deficiencies on the part of foreign trade participants lead to the initiation of cases on administrative offenses and fines for businesses

I ask you to draw the attention of specialists responsible for forming and sending statistical forms to the customs authorities to the need to provide complete and accurate information about goods when accounting for them in mutual trade to avoid negative consequences associated with non-compliance with prohibitions and restrictions,” Dmitry Shishkin appealed to the members of the Advisory Council

Sergey Epifanov, head of the Ural Electronic Customs Service, told the Advisory Council members about the confirmation of origin of goods in non-preferential trade conditions

Since February 8, 2024, the obligation to submit SPT  applies to goods to which retaliatory measures are applied and the country of origin is the United States. Since April 27 of this year, there is a mandatory requirement to submit SPT in respect of a group of goods whose HS codes are included in the Russian Government’s Resolution No. 2240, the country of origin of which is the states and territories taking measures that violate the economic interests of the Russian Federation,” said Sergey Epifanov

In the course of the Advisory Council meeting, the participants discussed the main reasons for refusals to make amendments when declarants’ applications (applications) for amendments (additions) to goods declarations are received after release, as well as the application of economic customs procedures aimed at facilitating the production activities of Russian participants in foreign economic activity and reducing costs.

The participants discussed the main reasons for refusals to make amendments when declarants’ applications (applications) for amendments (additions) to goods declarations are received

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