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An Audi with cigarettes in its wheels was detained on the Russian-Abkhazian border

Published: May 17, 2024 09:45

Krasnodar customs officers stopped illegal importation of about 800 packs of cigarettes into Russia.  

Officers of the Adler customs post of the Krasnodar customs office together with the regional Border Guard Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia stopped an Audi A4 car coming from the Republic of Abkhazia

In the course of questioning, the driver’s nervous behavior and haste, as well as the appearance of the car’s wheels aroused suspicion of the customs officers. The vehicle was sent for inspection with the use of mobile inspection and examination complex, the results of which revealed the probability of foreign attachments.  

“During the inspection of the car, cigarettes were found in all four wheels under the rims and in the cavities of the tires,” explained Alexei Bykov, head of the customs post of the Adler IACP Adler of Krasnodar Customs. “The hidden tobacco products were produced in the UAE and were transported without Russian excise stamps and special markings.  

Customs officers recovered a total of 789 packs (15780 pieces) of BUSINESS ROYALS cigarettes from the car. The smuggled tobacco products and the car were seized. Based on the results of expert examination of the market value of the entire batch of cigarettes, the question of bringing the offender to responsibility will be decided

Marina Zhupanova,

Spokesperson of the Sochi service of Krasnodar Customs

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