In the Tula customs recommended to use the electronic services and written communications

In order to reduce the risk of spread of the new coronavirus infection Tula customs recommends that the participants of foreign economic activity and citizens to use electronic services and make referrals in writing.

Tula customs pays particular attention to the need for active use of the resource “Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities” on the website of the Federal customs service of Russia. Its information services provide opportunities for the formation of electronic documents, their departure to the customs authorities for the storage of electronic documents, completing forms, statistical reporting, etc.

For the public service in advising on customs matters and other issues within the competence of customs authorities of the Tula customs recommends that written requests:

1) by post to the address the Tula customs: 300041, Tula, street Railway, d. 13, as well as a savings box located at the entrance to the Tula customs;

2) the email address of the legal Department –

Citizens and organizations may send a written appeal by post to the address: 300041, Tula, street Railway, d. 13 or to the official email address:

Background information on the documents sent to the Tula customs, can be obtained by phone: (4872) 30-22-12.

Svetlana Begunova,

press Secretary of the Tula customs