Saratov customs informs traders

Saratov customs informs the participants of foreign economic activity

Updated information service “Customs inspection” in the Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities allows the customs authorities check the individuals to share documents and information in course of customs inspection and its results.

Opportunities information service allow for the exchange between the customs authorities and the audited entity documents and information in electronic format, including the organization and carrying out customs checks.

Information service provides the ability to receipt by the participant of foreign trade activities electronic notification of the beginning of customs inspection, shortening the time spent on the shipment of paper documents.

Check the persons will have the opportunity to review the results of the carried out customs control and the submission of objections to the inspection report through a Personal account.

In addition, in the framework of electronic interaction with the customs authorities, traders provided to the customs authorities in electronic format through Personal account of reporting in accordance with established requirements.

Use of information the service reduces the load on the test person in terms of eliminating the need
to the customs authorities documents and information on paper, reduces the time of exchange of documents and information during and the results of customs inspection.

Currently conducting testing of technology for customs inspection, during which the audited entities were sent notifications about the beginning of the customs control and the requirements for submission of documents and information.

Anatoly Poluboyarov

the press Secretary of the Saratov customs