In the Crimean customs created a search party “Heritage”

In the Crimean customs created a search party “the Legacy”

On the 75th anniversary of the great Victory in the ongoing Crimean customs in Patriotic work, perpetuating of memory of heroes who died during the great Patriotic war, the management of customs, the primary trade Union organization, the Youth Council and the veterans ‘ organization of the customs authority initiated the establishment of the customs search team.

18 Jun 2020 held a meeting on the establishment of the search party. During the event, defined the circle of persons from among official persons of the customs authority and members of their families who became part of the group. The candidacy of Igor Salnikov, chief state customs inspector on mobilization work, nominated for the position of squad leader, supported by all participants unanimously. Military-Patriotic squad of Crimean customs called “Heritage”. Its composed of 32 officials of the Crimean customs.

Already the third of July 2020 group “Heritage” Crimean customs in the composition of the search Association “Crimean line” DOSAAF of the Republic of Crimea will take part in watch memory of the fallen during the great Patriotic war soldiers in the area of AK-Monayski positions on the Kerch Peninsula.

Irina Khvostenko, press Secretary of the Crimean customs