In October this year, the Yaroslavl customs joined Vladimir

From 1 October 2020 Yaroslavl customs will be reorganized by joining Vladimir customs. The corresponding order was signed on 27 March this year, the head of the FCS of Russia Vladimir Bulavina. The decision was made in order to improve the structure and efficiency of customs authorities, located in the Central Federal district.

All six customs posts of the Yaroslavl customs: Kostroma, Novo-Yaroslavl, Rybinsk, Sharja, Yaroslavl and the center of electronic Declaration will be reassigned to the Vladimirskiy customs without changing their location and region activities.

While the administrative functions associated with the customs Declaration of goods and vehicles in the Yaroslavl and Kostroma region will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Vladimirskiy customs. Customs posts will be assigned a new departmental codes:

– 10103160 – Kostroma customs post of Vladimir customs;

– 10103170 – Novo-Yaroslavsky customs post of Vladimir customs;

– 10103180 Rybinsk customs post of Vladimir customs;

-10103190 – Shar customs post of Vladimir customs;

– 10103200 – Yaroslavsky customs post of Vladimir customs;

-10103210 – Yaroslavsky customs post (CED) of the Vladimirskiy customs.

In order to preserve personnel potential for events to reform the system of customs bodies officials occupying positions of the state civil service of the Yaroslavl customs, proposed to fill the positions in the Central electronic customs (Moscow).

Reorganization of the Yaroslavl customs and some other customs of Russia began the next stage of improving the system of customs administration through the introduction of new digital information technologies. This process started in the Yaroslavl customs in 2012, when we opened the Center for electronic Declaration (EDC). Opening of new structural units of the customs allowed the participants of foreign economic activity to conduct customs clearance of goods and vehicles with use of the Internet on the technology of remote release from virtually any region of the Central Federal district.

Today in the conditions of reforming of customs authorities of Russia, a unified network of electronic customs with e-Declaration, which aims to optimize and automate the processes the customs Declaration, to translate them into higher quality digital level, contributing to speeding up and simplifying foreign trade.