Illicit drugs, weapons, cigarettes and money helped to discover the customs dog handlers UTAH

Illicit drugs, weapons, cigarettes and money have helped to detect cynologists of customs UTAH

In the 1st half of 2020 specialists cynologists with guard dogs were involved in the customs control and operational-investigative activities and joint activities with other agencies 569 times. The result is discovered and seized more than 10 kg of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (207 facts), 6 weapons, 752 PCs of ammunition, 410 g of explosives (18 facts) 16 751 cartons of cigarettes and more 142,1 kg of tobacco and raw materials (332 of fact), 21 617 USD 9 500 EUR 3.6 million rubles, and other currency (12 facts). Filed 596 cases of administrative offences. Compared to the same period last year increased the number of detection of narcotics and dangerous drugs and currency, reduced the number of facts of weapons and ammunition. With cigarettes and tobacco products – the reduction of a quarter of the number of detection number of detected cigarettes increased three times.

So, in February of 2020 when viewed from the container at Novorossiysk South-East customs post service dog specialist-dog handler of the Novorossiysk customs their behavior indicated the presence of controlled substances in cardboard buckets. During the customs inspection under a small layer of abrasive mixture in the buckets was discovered 10 577 cartons of cigarettes manufactured in the Republic of Belarus.

Canine Miller customs with the dogs at the customs post MAPP Donetsk helped discover 0,93 g of marijuana in the sun visor above the driver’s seat in the car of a citizen of Ukraine, crossing the border. At the customs post MAPP Novoshakhtinsk specialist-Rostov customs dog handler with a service dog in the trunk of a car found 19 rounds of Kalashnikov. In Dzhankoy customs post Crimean customs during the customs control of vehicles expert-the cynologist with a guard dog was found in a travel bag potent substance “clonidine” weight 30 g. Also in the first half of 2020, the dog handlers of the customs of UTAH helped to identify controlled substances in international mail.

The press service of the southern customs Directorate