Hundreds of years to guard the interests of the state

Astrakhan customs is one of the oldest in Russia, its history totals some centuries. July 20, Astrakhan customs notes the anniversary of the founding of 463 years. For all its centuries-old history of the Astrakhan customs has gone active, faithfully implementing the state policy in the field of internal and external trade, making a significant contribution to the state Treasury.

The lower Volga and the Caspian sea is a unique region, a historical crossroad of migration of ancient tribes and peoples. Here mixed different civilizations Sarmatians, Huns, Pechenegs, Polovtsians, Khazars. From the 2nd century BC, the Northern road is the first in the history of mankind transcontinental highway – the silk road connecting the Eastern countries and Western Europe. In the “tale of bygone years” in addition to the route “from the Varangians to the Greeks” along the Dnieper river is told of another great water highway of Russia “in Bulgaria and Chalice” to the East, as they called this path the researchers – “from the Varangians to the Arabs”. The direction was fundamental to the ancient trade long before the whole Volga became part of the Russian state. From the mouth of the Volga merchants from Rus ‘ fell into the Caspian sea, leaving the South shore, could follow overland to Baghdad or Central Asia.

Golden Astrakhan (Charitarian) became the capital of a small but strategic significance on the trade routes in the Delta of the Volga khanate.

In 1552 21-year-old young Tsar Ivan IV conquered the khanate of Kazan, and two years later, his goal became the khanate of Astrakhan. The Khan of Astrakhan Dervis Ali did not resist, Sagittarius, and swore allegiance to Moscow, entered the service of the Russian Tsar, giving him all the lands and subjects.

According to the Patriarchal (or Nikon) Chronicles, for the first time in Astrakhan sales tax for the Royal Treasury began to collect in July 1557 Musketeers head Governor Ivan Semenovich Cheremisinov that became a reason to believe date of formation of the Astrakhan customs 1557. The Cheremisinov was look for a place to start a new fortress, a more robust and reliable, and in the spring of 1558, held the rank of a bookmark of a city. So, the Russian Astrakhan was founded a year later the Foundation of the customs in the same city.

The current stage in the activities of the Astrakhan customs began in the 90-ies of the last century, when the Astrakhan becomes the Southern Outpost of Russia, which has 451 km of land boundary with Kazakhstan and 150 km of Maritime borders in the North Caspian sea. In this context there is a need to create customs authority. Originally this organ was a small customs post of Astrakhan in the lower Volga customs a staff of only 5 people.

On 28 September 1992 by order of the State customs Committee of the Russian Federation the Astrakhan customs office customs converted the lower Volga in the Astrakhan customs staff strength of 25 people.

Over the years much has changed, but always the history of the custom was inseparable from the history of the country.

Today, the Astrakhan customs is a customs authority number more than five hundred people, the area of which includes three subjects of the Russian Federation (Astrakhan and Volgograd areas, Republic Kalmykia).

The biggest custom in the region activities in the southern customs Department of the Astrakhan customs was on December 26, 2012, when as a result of reorganization, she was reassigned to the 5 customs posts of the Volgograd customs. The structure custom has 10 customs posts, four of which perform their functions in the two air border crossing points (customs post of the Astrakhan Airport, Airport customs post Samara) and two offshore (customs post Sea port of Olya and Astrakhan customs office).

23 may 2014 in the structure of customs in accordance with the order of the FCS of Russia from February 3, 2014 No. 159 there was a center of electronic Declaration, which provides receiving and processing of declarations in electronic form with use of technology of remote release. The remaining nine customs posts customs posts related to the actual control and place the goods of certain categories that are not included in the competence center of electronic Declaration.

Year after year, the customs has become increasingly effective division of the Russian customs service. Actively introducing the latest information technologies aimed at simplifying and acceleration of customs procedures, creation of favorable conditions for traders.

In the future, in the framework of the Comprehensive program of development of the FCS of Russia for the period until 2020 and according to Plan of reforming of customs authorities of the Astrakhan customs will acquire the status of customs actual control and will exercise de facto control of movement of goods, as well as a partial Declaration of certain categories of goods.

Focused on ensuring interests of the state, the Astrakhan customs has successfully fulfilled the target for the transfer of funds to the Federal budget of the Russian Federation. In the first half of 2020 lists of 2.52 billion roubles. Control tasks to transfer in the Federal budget is made up 101,76 %.

One of the oldest customs of Russia is not only proud of its glorious history, but also remains faithful to its centuries-old spiritual and moral values for the benefit of the Fatherland.

The press service of the Astrakhan customs