CTS on “Business Friday”

Michael Akishin, Deputy head of customs control organization of TSTU, took part in the “Business Friday”, which was held on 24 July 2020 at the Internet site of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. The theme of the online conference: “Nevedomo where. What to do to become an exporter and earn?”.

Also participated in the event:

– Lily Shchur-trukhanovich, Head of Department, Department of development and regulation of foreign trade, Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation;- Mr George, the Vice-President of JSC “REC”;

– Ilya Meakin, the head of the Russian mission iHerb;

Anton Skorobogatov, Director General of “Parabola” (Exclusive dealer of the manufacturer “Class-Engineering”);

Maxime Savinkov, Director of the company Sisort;

– Vladimir Vinogradov, head of the Department of export development and new business directions of JSC “Russian Post;

The participants of the meeting discussed whether the small and medium business in Russia to engage in export activities. What do you need? What you need to do to send goods abroad? Is it a difficult process?

Michael Akishin told about the efforts of customs authorities of measures to simplify export procedures for bona fide participants of foreign trade activities, about autoregistration and autobypass goods, as well as about the advantages and ease of use of “Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities” on the website of the FCS of Russia.

To watch live, you can youtube-channel radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”