Criminal liability threatens crooks for the illegal transfer of 50 million rubles abroad

Criminal liability threatens crooks for the illegal transfer of 50 million rubles abroad

The head of the organization, registered in Kemerovo, illegally brought to the accounts of foreign companies almost 50 million rubles.

In the result of carrying out quickly-search actions by employees of the Kemerovo customs together with employees Guebipk of the MIA of Russia, FSB of Russia across the Kemerovo region, Kuzbass and Webirc GU MVD of Russia across the Kemerovo region instituted 25 criminal cases against the Directors of companies registered in the city of Kemerovo, and the group of unidentified persons. Violators charged with illegal currency operations.

The Director of the organization for two years carried out illegal withdrawal of funds outside the Russian Federation. To confirm the purpose of remittances made in the Bank were presented fictitious contracts on rendering of transport-forwarding services (international aviation and Maritime transport). According to the information received by non-residents was made by a few foreign companies registered in the European Union and China.

To conceal the traces of crime money the crooks were taken out in small amounts, not more than 50 thousand dollars once, and after a while he re-registered the company from the Kemerovo to Moscow oblast.

For offenders instituted 25 criminal cases under paragraph “b” of part 2 of article 193.1 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation (currency operations on transfer of funds in foreign currency by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement). They are threatened by punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years with a fine in the amount up to one million rubles.

Lyudmila Shilova,

press Secretary of the Kemerovo customs