Talking with the press online: press conference of the new head of Ural customs administration

For the six months 2020 3 400 participants of foreign economic activity for 106 thousands of declarations for goods has paid 30 billion rubles in the form of customs duties, taxes and charges. Almost 100% of goods were declared in the Ural e-customs, and today it is the best indicator in Russia.

Foreign trade turnover in the Urals amounted to 7.2 billion U.S. dollars and 5.6 million tons. Noticeably lost exports – the traditional direction of foreign trade in the Urals: in value terms by 22%, in weight by almost 56%. “Of course, the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19, played a role, but the main reason is translated from the January Declaration of liquefied natural gas in the Central energy customs,” commented new head of Ural customs administration Alexei Frolov. Ferrous metals, copper and articles of wood, aircraft, vehicles depart from the Urals to China, USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Germany, Egypt.

On the contrary, imports showed a positive trend. Its growth in the second quarter increased by 1% in value terms and 20% in weight. Mainly due to the increase in supplies from abroad medical equipment and personal protective equipment. The country imported aircraft and their parts, machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical machinery and equipment, tools and devices optical. If you import main trading partners, businessmen from Germany, China, USA, South Africa, Italy, France.

To reduce the time of customs clearance of goods was mostly influenced by the increase in the share of goods declarations by which decisions are made automatically without the involvement of officials. “Today, the share of auto-enrollment Declaration reached 97 %. But this figure says nothing, until we look at the terms: artificial intelligence registers the Declaration of goods for 1-2 minutes, inspector, this process takes about 20 minutes,” – said Alexey Frolov.

“Until the end of the year we need in terms of complete concentration Declaration of the array region in the Ural e-customs to establish the mechanism of interaction of wet with the customs actual control. Also an important task will be the conversion of more than 10% of all staff number of the customs of the region from the status of Federal civil servants in the status of employees, and it absolutely other powers and functions,” summed up Oleksiy Frolov.

Department of public relations UTU

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