Awarded the best teams and the staff of TSTU

Awarded the best teams and the staff of CTS

On the expanded Board of the Central customs administration, dedicated to summarizing the work in 2019, the winners of the annual competition for the best team of the customs authorities of TSTU challenge pennant and special diplomas of Management.

In the nomination “the Best collective cross-border route” I took the place of the Voronezh customs. “The best team of internal customs” for the second consecutive year recognized by the Vladimirskiy customs. The best team of internal customs office is recognized as Krasninskiy customs post of Smolensk customs. In the category “Best team of the customs office at the automobile checkpoint” took first place in Shebekino customs checkpoint them. V. A. Dankova Belgorod customs. The best team of the customs office in a non-automobile checkpoint was recognized Volodarsky customs post of Bryansk customs.

Special diplomas Orlowski marked customs post of Kursk customs and a customs post of the Moscow international post office customs, as in second and third place in the nomination “the Best team in the internal customs post”.

Medal of the FCS of Russia “For strengthening customs cooperation” was awarded the chief of Bryansk customs Igor Eroshin. Medals of the FCS of Russia “Dmitry Bibikov” was awarded Love Chebotova, the Deputy chief of Department of operation of functional subsystems and information support information technology services. The FCS of Russia medal For zeal awarded to: Dmitry Gorbatovskiy, the chief of Department on the preliminary decision on the classification of goods service of the Federal customs revenues and Kirill Pozdnyakov, the head of the organization of the functioning of checkpoints and interaction with Supervisory bodies of the service of the customs control organization.

Deputy head of the FCS of Russia Denis Tereshchenko presented departmental awards and commendations to several officers of CTS.

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