At the Russian-Abkhaz border “monosomy season”

At the Russian-Abkhaz border “monosomy season”

The Sochi customs has issued more than 25 tons of colors.

The first batch of Mimosa (acacia silver) began to be imported from the Republic of Abkhazia in Russia in the beginning of February. In the eve of March 8 Mimosa driven in all regions of the country. This delicate flower is a symbol of the holiday is transported as commercial parties, and small bouquets for personal purposes.

Today at the customs post MAPP Adler customs decorated more than 25 tonnes of flowers worth about 45 thousand dollars.

For transporting fragile flowers of Mimosa are Packed tightly, transported in conditions of maintaining at a certain temperature to avoid drying out and damage. To reduce the processing time, expedite the passage of customs procedures in respect of commercial consignments of goods apply the simplified Declaration procedure.

The main supply of Mimosas will be carried out until early March. This year it is planned to issue about 150 tons of gold bouquets. In the past year from Abkhazia were imported about 100 tons of Mimosa, in 2017 – 33,5 tons.

Marina Zhupanova, press Secretary of the Sochi customs