“Angry birds” summed importer of slot machines

“Angry birds” summed importer of slot machines

The Novorossiysk customs have defended the rights of the owner of the trademark “Angry Birds“, the image of the characters illegally used on slot machines from China.

In sea port of Novorossiysk in may 2020 arrived a ship from China, on Board of which was a container of goods “games, operated by coins…”. In Novorossiysk customs post (the electronic Declaration center) Novorossiysk customs Declaration has been lodged for the goods.

– The results of the customs inspection, we have found that part of the goods, namely, 35 gaming machines, a depiction of the characters “Angry Birds”, – told the chief of Department of customs inspection of Novorossiysk South-East customs office Evgeny Kopylov. In order to establish violations of the rights of intellectual property owners Novorossiysk customs post (CED), it was decided to suspend the release of goods, notification of violations of the exclusive rights of the representative of the owner.

The representative of the owner in response to the letter notified the customs that the company “Rovio Entertaiment Corporation” did not consent to the Russian participants of foreign trade activities to use the above trademarks, and were asked to consider the employment of a firm that imported counterfeit goods, administrative liability.

– Examination has confirmed the illegal use of the trademark, the company “Rovio Entertaiment Corporation”, – commented the head of the Department of administrative investigation of customs Denis Pekin. – For the illegal use of exclusive rights of trademark without consent of the owner in respect of the Russian company criminal case concerning an administrative offense under part 1 of article 14.10 of the administrative code. The amount of damage caused to the right holder by illegal actions amounted to more than RUB 3 million, are currently under investigation.

Inna Kircheva, press Secretary of the Novorossiysk customs