About 3,000 capsules sibutramine found in Irkutsk customs officers in the postal administration of Kyrgyzstan

Irkutsk customs officers seized nearly 3000 capsules with sibutramine international mail, which came to the address of the inhabitant of a city of Bratsk from Kyrgyzstan.

In the course of operational search activities conducted by the Department for combating drug trafficking of the Irkutsk customs, jointly with the UFSB of Russia across the Irkutsk region, international mail (IGOS) identified various medicinal preparations in capsules in the amount of 2928 pieces, contains a potent substance sibutramine. The MPO received to the address of the inhabitant of Bratsk of the Irkutsk region from Kyrgyzstan.

The package was discovered bottles of capsules with the inscription “Royal Bilayt”, as well as various blisters with capsules marked “Bilayt B-lite”, “Fatzorb”, “Lipotrim”, “Lipoxin for weight loss”, “Ideal weight loss”. Total weight of all the capsules was about 1.4 kg. As a rule, these drugs are nationals wishing to lose weight quickly.

Of expertise forensic science center of the East Siberian LU the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia on transport, found that these drugs contain in their composition potent substance sibutramine, the movement of which across the customs border of the Russian Federation legislation is limited.

Under the law, highly potent substances may be imported into the Russian Federation only in the presence of medical documents (their certified copies or certified extracts from them), verifying the medical purpose the physical person of the specified drugs. Supporting documents should also contain information on the name and number assigned to the medicinal product.

The recipient of the goods has confirmed that if you order from Kyrgyzstan of these drugs were aware that commits unlawful actions, and also explained that the courier service to its address drugs, containing sibutramine, was intended to further implementation at the point of Bratsk.

In the relation zloumyshlennitsy Irkutsk customs office opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 226.1 of the criminal code – contraband of potent substances punishable by deprivation of freedom from three to seven years with a possible fine of up to one million rubles.


Sibutramine is banned in most countries of the world. This provokes a potent substance addiction as from taking ecstasy or amphetamine.

When it is used in humans, markedly deteriorating health, there are persistent headaches, increased risk of heart disease, significantly increased blood pressure, disturbed sleep and wakefulness, possible mental disorders.

Tatyana Krasavina,

a press-the Secretary of Irkutsk customs