Vladimir Bulavin discussed with the participants of the 34th meeting of the PSTN in Brest topical issues of the customs cooperation

The head of FCS of Russia Vladimir Bulavin took part in the 34th meeting of the joint Board of customs services of the member States of the Customs Union (PSTN, unified Board), which took place on 12 March 2020, in Brest (Republic of Belarus).

Vladimir Bulavin, Chairman of the joint Board, discussed with the participants PSTN topical issues of the customs cooperation: pilot project for the transportation of goods from Asia to Europe, issues of harmonization of approaches to the application of measures to minimize the risks, the subject of the introduction of advanced digital technologies.

The participants of the meeting summed up the first results of the pilot project for the carriage of goods from Asia to Europe routes Naushki – Kolyadichi and Naushki – Orsha. This project was launched in January 2020.

At the site PSTN, the parties adopted a decision on the elaboration of the question of the organization of new pilot projects in relation to transport of goods transported under the customs procedure of customs transit.

Continued discussion of the initiative on the application of navigation devices (seals) when container traffic of goods transported through the territory of the EEU by rail in the message of the China-Europe-China. Parties endorsed a common approach to the application of measures to minimize the risks during the transit of goods using electronic navigational fillings.

Vladimir Bulavin: “unified approaches to the application of risk mitigation measures allows to reduce time and financial costs of traders. The creation of a unified tracking system for transit of goods using the navigation seals will allow you to optimize procedure of customs control and to create the conditions to accelerate and facilitate the transport of goods in transit in respect of which is not revealed the need to apply measures to minimize risks.”

The participants of the meeting adopted a number of decisions aimed at improvement of the procedure and technologies of electronic processes that are necessary for the application of customs control measures. In particular, changes were made in the technology of information exchange within the limits of temporary import and export of motor vehicles.

The parties also approved a Methodology for the automated generation of standardized value of indicators of risk and made changes to the List of categories of goods in respect of which the level control of the customs value.

On the site of the PSTN in Brest special attention was paid to the discussion of the Tax Free system is applied in all countries of the EAEC, with the exception of the Kyrgyz Republic. The parties share the approach that compensation of the VAT to foreign tourists at departure may be one of the tools to stimulate the domestic trade of the States members of the Union.

In order to create uniform approaches to the classification of goods at the meeting of the PSTN was also made decisions about the allocation and notesini certain categories of goods for goods for personal use.

35-th meeting of the PSTN is planned to be held in June 2020 in the Republic of Armenia.