40 thousand undeclared dollars found the Russian Ussuri customs

40 thousand undeclared dollars found the Russian Ussuri customs

40 thousand undeclared dollars found Ussuri customs at the citizen of the Russian Federation while crossing the border checkpoint Border checkpoint. He tried to smuggle money in China. Man faces criminal liability.

During the customs inspection of baggage of the tourist customs officers using x-ray installation found in his bag dollars. That cash must be declared, the man knew. So part of the money 30 thousand dollars he had hidden in a satchel, and 10 thousand dollars put into a Fanny pack, which was located at the waist under clothes. Customs officers discovered the amount in dollar terms amounted to 40 thousand dollars.

Cash in the amount of 40 thousand US dollars were confiscated and kept in the storage room of the Ussuri customs.

For smuggling cash in especially large size Ussuriysk customs in relation to the citizen initiated a criminal case under part 1 of article 200.1. The offender faces a fine in the amount from ten to fifteen times the amount of illegally transferred cash or restriction of liberty up to four years. Investigation


In accordance with the current legislation of Russia at a time of imported/exported cash in an aggregate amount exceeding the equivalent of 10 thousand U.S. dollars, are subject to customs Declaration in writing by filing the passenger customs Declaration for all sum of cash. For failure to comply with the law of the Russian Federation provides for administrative and criminal liability.

Criminal responsibility for the illegal movement of cash, the amount which doubly exceeds the size of the allowed amount to travel without declaring.

Iryna Kulchytska,

press Secretary of the Ussuri customs

phone: 8 (4234) 38 78 00