Vyborg customs: teachings on identification of the coronavirus passed

Vyborg customs took part in special tactical exercises on the prevention of penetration on the territory of the Russian Federation and the spread of dangerous viral infections, organized by the territorial Department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Leningrad region in the Vyborg and Kingisepp districts.

Also in preventive measures adopted by the representatives of the Border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Leningrad region, the ambulance Department GBUZ LO “on the Vyborg hospital” the representatives of the branch FBUZ “Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Leningrad region”. Officials of the departments who are serving at checkpoints, one of the first contact with individuals crossing the state border.

Interagency exercises took place over three days, February 26, March 11 and 12, 2020 at customs checkpoint Svetogorsk, cranberry MAPP and MAPP Torfyanovka of the Vyborg customs.

The purpose of the exercise is to work out the order of interaction in the localization and sequence of a set of primary operational anti-epidemic measures in case of identification of a patient with a dangerous infection order schemes alert services involved in the provision of primary antiepidemic measures in conditions of limited time, order inspection, and isolation and hospitalization of the patient.

One of the scenarios of the exercise were considered at the customs post MAPP cranberry: inspector of the CPS has identified an individual with suspected infectious disease with symptoms of coronavirus infection. In accordance with the exercise plan also identified the car the patient. The situation called for further measures on sanitary protection of territory of the Russian Federation.

After notification by the inspector of the CPS of all special services involved in the checkpoint, there are only a few minutes to prepare officials authorized to carry out disinfection measures.

Vehicle, driver, passengers, Luggage and all personal belongings and accompany you to located on the territory of the customs post sanitary Parking lot. Here are conducted all the necessary procedures and medical assistance.

In the special equipped room the staff of border service and customs using special protective equipment, carry out passport and customs control of all persons in the vehicle together with the patient.

Further, taking the necessary precautions, there is a hospitalization for an ambulance potentially infected individuals. After all sanitary procedures protective clothing treated with the disinfectant and destroy. Special equipment for border and customs control are also sanitary processing. Involved premises disinfected.

During the exercises, updated, and developed new schemes of interagency cooperation and alert. Determined the amount of necessary preventive measures at the point of crossing the border of the Russian Federation in case of revealing of persons with signs of dangerous infectious diseases. Also assessed the willingness of all involved in the training of teaching services for the implementation of measures in identifying patients with signs of coronavirus. Following the event, all the tasks performed, skills required worked.


Natalia Finogina,
press Secretary of the Vyborg customs