Mineralovodsky customs is always open for dialogue

Today, the atmosphere of openness is an integral part of the activities of public authorities. Maintaining a harmonious, supportive public relations allows not only to react to criticism, but also contributes to the adoption of the necessary measures. It is also an important factor in the detection and prevention of various violations, including corruption.

Today to contact your customs office with any question citizens and in writing, and come on personal reception to a management of customs. But sometimes for one reason or another, a person can not or does not dare to write or appear in person. In this case, he can use the “hotline”.

Whoever turned in the office so the passenger of the international flight or the participant of foreign trade activities, Russian or a foreigner, he need not worry about confidentiality. The employee receiving the call is responsible personally for non-disclosure of the received information and data on the caller. And this requirement is strictly enforced. Making a call, the citizen can be sure that his message was sure to be transferred to the management of customs and considered. In each case the appropriate measures are taken. If you conducted the test.

Calling “trust line” you can tell as about the situation, which involves, in the opinion of petitioners, with violation of customs legislation and about the impending crime in the customs sphere, which became known. It could also be information about the misconduct of customs officers in the performance of their official duties, of corruption and extortion, illicit trafficking of sanctions production, the sale of counterfeit goods and other infringements of the customs legislation.

Citizens should know that they may appeal the actions (or inaction) of customs and its officials, if you think that violated their legal rights.

If there is a basis for statements, suggestions, complaints – call on the “hotline” Mineralovodsky customs: 8 (87922) 5-49-18. You can also use the phone numbers of the higher customs bodies Severo-the Caucasian customs Department (8 (87922) 5-82-46) and the Federal customs service of Russia (8 (499) 449-79-97).

Julia Kutaka,
a press-the Secretary of Mineralovodsky customs