Volga Customs Administration

Operative units of the Samara Customs stopped the activity of a group of persons who were engaged in illegal storage and sale of tobacco products on the territory of Samara.

In the course of operative-search measures customs officers revealed and seized more than 32 thousand packs of cigarettes of Russian and foreign production, both unlabeled and presumably with fake excise stamps of the Russian Federation

The tobacco products of various brands, including Philip Morris, Dove, MAC, Donskoy Tabak, Oris and others, illegally imported into Russia were sold in the region using a complex logistical chain, a mobile warehouse and many cars.

A number of cars were seized in the region

A total of about 100 items of tobacco products manufactured in Russia, Belarus, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Germany and other countries were detected. According to preliminary estimates, the minimum value of the detected goods exceeds 4 million rubles

The goods were seized and sent for expert examination, the results of which will be used to decide whether to initiate criminal proceedings under Articles 171.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (production, storage, transportation for the purpose of sale or sale of unmarked tobacco products), and 327.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (use of knowingly false excise stamps for labeling tobacco products).

The investigation of the operational and operational investigation of the tobacco products of the Russian Federation is underway

The investigation is ongoing

  Darya Loseva,
press-secretary of Samara Customs