Volga electronic customs has summarized the work

In the Volga electronic customs held a meeting on summarizing the work for 2019.

The event was attended by chief of the Volga customs management Aasim Askarov, head of the Volga investigative management on transport of Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation Anatoly Mitin, the Deputy of the Volga transport Prosecutor Vadim Kolosov, head of the Privolzhsky e-customs Sergey Zhdanovich, Director of the regional security Department of the Nizhny Novgorod region Alexey Stepanenkov, Director General of the chamber of Commerce of the Nizhny Novgorod region Ivan Razuvaev.

Summing up the past year, the head of the Volga electronic customs Sergey Zhdanovich said: “In 2019, the customs had issued 93% of the declarative array region. In December 2019 Declaration of concentration in the EDC was 95%.

In 2019 custom produced over 347 thousand goods declarations. The volume of daily Declaration of an array of the custom is from 1300 to 1700 returns.

The transfer to the Federal budget Privolzhskoe customs electronically for 2019 173,90 amounted to 124 mln.

The result of the application of the risk management system in respect of goods declared in electronic Privolzhsky customs, charged more than 1 billion rubles”.

In 2019, officials of Privolzhsky customs e-filed 425 cases of administrative offenses, of which more than half of the 285 cases in the most socially dangerous crimes (article 16.2.2 “false Declaration of goods and vehicles,” 16.2.3 “failure to declare goods and vehicles,” 16.3 “violation of the prohibitions and restrictions on the export / exportation of goods” the administrative code of Russia).

Also, it was instituted and brought to court a criminal case under article 194 of the criminal code “evasion of customs payments committed on a large scale.”

Foreign trade turnover in 2019, made up 20.78 billion. U.S. exports of 13.15 billion. USA (63%), imports of 7.63 billion. USA (37%).

The main trade partners were China, Germany, Brazil, USA, Uzbekistan. Their share in the turnover amounted to 35%, including exports – 31%, while import – 41%.

The largest trading partners in exports were: Brazil (9%), China (7%), USA (6%), Uzbekistan (5%), Finland (5%).

The main composition of exports: chemical products, rubber – 59%; machines, equipment and vehicles – 11%; metals and products from them – 11%.

The largest trading partners in imports were:
Germany (18%), China (14%), Italy (6%), USA (5%), Czech Republic (5%).

The main composition of imports: machinery, equipment and vehicles – 56%; chemical products, rubber and 21%; metals and products from them – 8%.



The start of the Privolzhsky e-customs was given on 24 October 2018. The competence of the customs included the registration of electronic customs declarations and electronic documents, making decisions about the release of the goods. The region of its activity is the Russian Federation. This is the only custom of its kind in the Volga Federal district.

The concentration Declaration in the regional centres and the creation of e-customs are designed to significantly reduce the influence of subjective factors on decision-making in the course of customs control, to ensure uniformity of customs operations. It will also allow, to the maximum extent transfer of the customs operations into a digital format and to automate the most important of these is the registration of declarations for goods and their release.

Department of public relations
Volga customs Department