Vladimir Bulavin was a working visit to the Ural customs administration

The head of FCS of Russia Vladimir Bulavin February 6, 2020 has a working visit to the Ural customs administration, which participated in the final Board and the opening of the new building of the Ural e-customs.

In 2019, the customs authorities of UTU prepared more than 208 thousand consignments transported more than 4,5 thousand participants of foreign trade activities. The Federal budget lists the 76 billion rubles, which is 2.4% above target. The volume of exports in 2019 in 2 times exceeded that of imports by value and weight characteristics.

Speaking at the meeting, Vladimir Bulavin has noted: “the Task of customs authorities is to create a comfortable environment for doing business. Constructive dialogue and effective cooperation with the participants of foreign economic activity – the success of the implementation of the reform of customs administration”.

The main vector of development for the next year the head of Ural customs administration Maxim Chmara called improving the efficiency of customs control and the automation level of decision-making for customs operations.

During his visit to UTA Vladimir Bulavin, together with the Plenipotentiary of Russian President in the Urals Federal district Nikolai Tsukanov participated in the opening ceremony of the new building of Ural electronic customs, that from 6 February 2020 is located at the address: Ekaterinburg, Moskovskaya St., 11.

The head of the Federal customs service said that the concentration Declaration in electronic customs has allowed to develop a uniform approach to the customs administration, to separate the processes of registration and effective control, to reduce corruption risks and to give the inspectors produce greater objectivity and independence. At the same time managed not only to avoid reducing the quality of customs administration, but also to increase its effectiveness.

Vladimir Bulavin: “the Tasks that faced the team of the Ural customs officers in the creation of e-customs in General are made. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the preparation and acceptance of the new building.”


In 2019 UTU as a result of adjustments to the customs value of the goods is additionally collected to the Federal budget of almost $ 700 million. as a result of the control of correctness of classification of goods and origin of goods assessed that 78 million rubles and 58 million rubles, respectively.

The identified amount of evasion from payment of customs duties in criminal cases 1.5 times higher than the values for 2018 and amounted to RUB 125 million, Also revealed nearly 1.5 thousand of violations of currency legislation in the amount of 9.8 billion rubles To 35% increase in the number of cases of smuggling, of which two thirds are excited Ural electronic customs.

As a result of work of divisions of customs control after release of goods held 405 checks at the end of each of which assessed almost 10 million rubles., In cooperation with the FTS of Russia lousisana 91 million rubles, assessed 170 mln Mobile groups detained 191 tons of embargoed goods, 395 thousand units of counterfeit products, 360 thousand packs of cigarettes without excise stamps.

Ural electronic customs created 10 Jul 2018. Per day produces about 900 customs declarations, accounting for more than 95% of all declarative array Ural Federal district. The state of uet is 226 persons, of which 118 are officials of the Ural Cada. In 2019 Ural electronic customs transferred to the Federal budget of 66 billion rubles.