Deputy head of Federal customs service of Russia Andrei Strukov took part in the final Board of the southern customs Directorate

Deputy head of Federal customs service of Russia Andrei Strukov 6 Feb 2020 participated in summarizing the work of the southern customs Directorate in 2019 and targets for 2020.

In the course of the meeting the main results of the work of customs authorities in the region in 2019 was presented by the head of UTAH Sergey Pashko. Thus, the assignment transfers to the Federal budget made by the Southern customs office on 102,3%: listed 159,53 billion rubles of Export-import operations were carried out over 10 thousand participants of foreign trade activities (by 6.1% higher than in 2018). Issued more than 328 thousand declarations (by 5.6% higher than in 2018). More than 62% of Declaration of the array of the region was automatically. Every third such Declaration filed by the traders low risk category, was released in automatic mode.

In 2019 the continued realisation of the objectives of the Comprehensive program of development of the FCS of Russia till 2020: the customs authorities of UTAH, the region of activity of which includes sea ports, are converted into positions of actual control, and further enlargement of the Rostov customs office (CEDA) Rostov customs. Acquired the building to house South e-customs, which will work fully with September 15, 2020.

Sergiy Pasko also noted that last year the Board was included the Crimean and Sevastopol customs, completed the construction of a Regional dog training center UTAH in Maikop, the customs authorities of the region created youth councils, officials in UTAH have participated in the preparation and organization of the Russian stage of world championship FIA Formula 1, Summit and Economic forum “Russia – Africa”, and several others.

Summing up the meeting of the Board, Deputy head of the FCS of Russia Andrey Strukov has positively assessed the activities of the office in 2019, thanked the officials of UTAH for their good work and expressed confidence that Russia’s southern customs will successfully meet their 2020 objectives.


The customs authorities of UTAH in the framework of control over the circulation of goods on the domestic market held 329 of verification activities (in 2018 277). Identified and withdrawn from the trade, more than 26 tons of the sanctions (7 times higher than 2018), about 24 thousand units of counterfeit products (more than in the year 2018 more than 4 times), more than 30 thousand units of tobacco products without excise stamps, about 400 fur products sold in breach of the rules of marking. The results of these activities are initiated 217 cases of AP and 8 criminal cases, imposed penalties and assessed additional customs duties in the amount of 2 million rubles.

In 2019, the customs authorities of UTAH 191 filed a criminal case (in 2018 158 cases), including according to article 194 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation initiated 49 cases (in 2018 47 cases). 54% increase in the amount of additional accrued payment on materials of operational divisions of customs: with 667,7 million rubles in 2018 to 1.03 billion rubles in 2019. Customs UTAH brought more than 14 159 cases of administrative offences (in 2018 – 14 088 cases of AP).

In 2019, the work continued to reduce the administrative burden on business: conducted 230 customs audits, which is 5% lower than in 2018 (242 tests). The performance of customs inspections made 95,65%. According to the results of customs control after release of goods additionally charged amounts of customs payments, fines, penalties in the amount of more than 1 billion rubles, which is 20% higher than the same period last year.