Veterans and home front workers dedicated to

Veterans and home front workers dedicated to

May 9 Victory Day in the city-hero of Smolensk, as throughout Russia, held a number of events in online mode.

Not remained aloof and Smolensk customs. So, head of information and technical services Nikolay Samulenkov together with like-minded people organized online-live from the Museum of the great Patriotic war in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, which was broadcast through social network Vkontakte.

There were poems, songs, and musical compositions. Performed by Nicholas sang: to Serve Russia (F. Carikati), his Father’s house (E. Martynov), the land of soldiers (A. Nikolsky), ballad of a soldier (E. Gil), may waltz (Y. Yevdokimov).

– This is our opportunity to thank you for the dedication of the participants of the battles on the frontlines and home front workers and to honor the sacred memory of the soldiers fallen during the Second world war – said Mykola Samulenkov.


 Vladimir Safonov,
press Secretary of the Smolensk customs