Tver customs: 70 billion to the state budget

In the Tver customs has summarized the results of work in 2019 at a special meeting held by recently appointed chief of the Central customs administration Sergey Rybkin. This is his first visit to the Tver region. The meeting was also attended by chief Federal inspector in the Tver region Igor Zhukov, on transport Prosecutor Matthew Stepanov, head of the Federal bailiff service of the Tver region Nadezhda Semenova, acting head of Management of Federal tax service of Russia across the Tver region Tatyana Streltsova.

In 2019 in the state Treasury are listed 70.6 billion rubles. It is 19 billion more than last year. Foreign trade turnover amounted to 4.7 billion U.S. dollars.

For the customs Declaration in the Tver customs has treated nearly three thousand participants of foreign trade activities. In total, there were prepared more than 94 thousand declarations (19% more than in 2018).

Almost 98% of the Declaration focused on the Tver customs post (the Center for electronic deliriouse).

Merchandise exports in 2019 were conducted in 94 countries around the world. The main counterpart countries according to the volume of exported goods were Germany, Poland, Finland, Australia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, China, Azerbaijan, etc. Among the export products the largest share (by value) accounted for the wood and pulp and paper products, glass products, leather raw materials, equipment, plastic products, cosmetics, products from ferrous metals and aluminium, soft and alcoholic drinks, etc.

In 2019 imported goods from 141 countries of the world. The basic countries-contractors for the volumes of imported goods – China, Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Finland, India, USA, Czech Republic. Among the major commodity groups of imports it can be noted electrical equipment, engineering products, plastic products, and ferrous metals, furniture, vehicle parts, toys and sports equipment, pastry flour, shoes, clothing, textiles, tea, coffee, etc.

Under Executive production of the Tver customs opened 954 cases of administrative offences, fines for a total amount of 339 million rubles, including customs officials – in the amount of 183 million rubles.

Frequent violations include the facts of not declaring or unauthentic declaring of the goods, failure to submit or late submission to the customs authorities of statistical forms of the account of movement of goods, violations of the currency legislation.

Special attention was paid to the protection of intellectual property rights. So, in 2019, it was revealed 243 thousand units of counterfeit products. It’s tobacco, alcohol, clothing and footwear, consumer goods, perfumery, fishing line, toys, watches, bags, headphones, etc of leading brands.

– Thank the staff of the Tver customs for their operation in 2019, – said Sergey Rybkin. This year recommend to pay close attention to the deep analytical work in all areas of activities, not forgetting also one of the main functions of customs authorities and law enforcement.

At the end of the meeting, the chief of the Tver customs Alexander Osipov thanked the leadership of the Central customs administration, the Government of the Tver region, heads of bodies of Prosecutor’s supervision and heads of Federal Executive authorities in Tver region for their support and constructive cooperation.

The press service of the Tver customs