Tobacco not to hide from customs control

Tobacco not to hide from customs control

Officials of the Taganrog customs has opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 200.2 of the criminal code (smuggling of tobacco) on the fact of illegal movement through customs border of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) batch of tobacco for hookah and Smoking tobacco.

Earlier in 2019 in the course of customs control at the multilateral automobile checkpoint (MAPP) Kujbyshevo Taganrog customs officers revealed the fact of illegal movement of tobacco products among undeclared shipments of consumer goods. According to submitted to the customs authority of shipping and commercial documents by the dump truck MAN with a trailer went to the territory of the Russian Federation to Ukraine and had in their cargo compartments of consumer goods.

During the inspection customs officers found more than 30 kinds of goods, details of which were not reported to the customs authority. Tobacco blend “ADALYA Premium Hookah Tobacco”, “Buta”, “FOREST BLEND”, “VIRGIN of the COBRA” and others tried to illegally export from the territory of the EEU. Identified tobacco blends were removed and samples were sent for analysis to the regional branch of the Central forensic customs administration (Rostov-on-don).

The expert determined that all of the tobacco blends are tobacco, Smoking tobacco and susami. The total market value of the seized tobacco products amounted to 330 thousand rubles.

Considering all the circumstances of the case and large amount of illegally transported tobacco products, the staff of the Taganrog customs has opened a criminal case. The investigation is being conducted.