31.5 billion rubles of exemptions from payment of customs duties received in 2019, the residents of TOSER in the far East

31.5 billion rubles of exemptions from payment of customs payments provided by the state to residents of TOSER and more than 54 million rubles – to the residents of the free port of Vladivostok in 2019 in the far East. Such benefits provided by law for residents of applying the customs procedure of free customs zone (FCZ). As to preferences discussed at a working meeting with participants of foreign trade activities in the far Eastern customs administration.

Obligatory condition of application of the procedure of FCZ is the equipment of the area of the resident and the creation of zones of customs control. Requirements on arrangement and equipment of the area resident approved for ADZ the order of the FCS of Russia from 13.10.2015 No. 2034, SPV to the order of Ministry of Finance from 22.04.2016 No. 53н.

Today in the region of the far Eastern customs administration (DVTU) plots of residents of free port of Vladivostok and territories of priority socio-economic development (TOSER) 20 of the customs control zones for the purposes of applying the customs procedure STZ, of which 13 are created on sites residents of TOSER, 7 – on sections of the residents of the free port of Vladivostok. According to the “Corporation of development of the Far East, these companies as a result of its activities has invested in the economy of the region is almost 572 billion and created 11 868 jobs.

As noted in his speech, the acting head of customs control organization DVTU Alex Polushko, in some cases, residents provided the simplification of equipment and arrangement of zones of customs control. For example, if under the customs procedure of FCZ are placed the main production funds. The fenced and video surveillance system are basically mandatory. A fence is not required if the area is land (including water area) intended for agricultural activities related to cultivation and fattening of animals, birds, aquaculture, cultivation of plants and trees.

The customs authority, taking decisions on the necessary customs infrastructure objects, which include fencing, takes into account the physico-geographical conditions of the location and activities of residents.

Maximum simplification provided for residents of free port of Vladivostok, which keep records of goods placed under customs procedure STZ, using the automated system of accounting of goods which allows to compare data submitted to the customs authorities information the tax authorities. Currently, the Ministry of Finance of Russia issued an order from 25.11.2019 No. 201н, (effective for 21.03.2020), in which the requirements for construction of site ADZ for the purposes of customs control reduced.

As the Director of the Management company THOR “Primorye” (subsidiary of JSC “Corporation of development of the Far East”), Vasily Bolshakov, today in the Primorsky region 8 residents enjoy benefits under preferential regimes. This mechanism is beneficial for business development for large residents, such as shipbuilding complex “Zvezda”, and for small businesses. Therefore, these explanatory meetings with the participation of representatives of customs bodies and of the management company when the resident can get answers to pressing questions and review of specific cases is very important.


In a working meeting held in DVTU, was attended by 22 residents of TOSER and free port of Vladivostok, as well as the management of THOR company “Primorye” (subsidiary of JSC “Corporation of development of the Far East”).

According to information of JSC “Corporation of development of the Far East” (JSC “CRD”) today under agreements with JSC “CRDW” investment activity in territories of priority development and free port of Vladivostok are 2 246 residents with projects totaling more than 3.8 trillion rubles, their implementation will allow to create 159,9 thousands of jobs. Of these, 296 projects have been launched, in fact, invested more than 828,2 billion in private investment, created 38 705 jobs.

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