Undeclared hats and clothes could not hide from customs control

In the course of customs control of passengers on international flights “Istanbul – Rostov-on-don” in the Luggage of the citizen of Russia, passing customs control at the “green” channel was discovered 72 hats (baseball caps). The Declaration of transit goods to the customs body it is not filed.

A few days earlier the inhabitant of the Rostov region, arrived from Istanbul, moved by the “green” corridor, a case of consumer goods, the contents of which amounted to the items of women’s clothing and haberdashery total number of 78 PCs Declaration for transit goods to the customs authority it was also not filed.

As explained by the head of the Airport customs post Rostov-on-don (Platov) Vyacheslav Starodubov: “Given the range, quantity and purpose, moved through the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union the citizens of Russia of the goods officials of customs office decisions to notesini goods for goods for personal use. On the fact of not declaring goods subject to customs Declaration, filed the case on administrative offences under part 1 of article 16.2 of the administrative code of Russia. Conducted an administrative investigation.

At the same time check the legality of intellectual property rights on the seized goods.”

Rostov customs reminds:

In the international sector of the airport Rostov-on-don (Platov) in the hall of receipt (issuance) of baggage passengers are given the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the basic customs regulations on the procedure for movement of goods across the customs border, information about which is contained in the info-kiosks and information stands. Also on television screens in the international sector of the airport plays back the video with the rules of movement of goods across the customs border.

For the purpose of convenience, mobility and reduction of time for customs control directly in the air checkpoint “Platov”, any natural person may in advance of the movement of goods across the customs border shall submit passenger customs Declaration filled in electronic form. It is necessary to use the information service “Submission of the passenger customs Declaration” on the official website of the FCS of Russia via “Personal Cabinet”. In addition, the officers of the post are designed and placed in the information area of the handout with QR codes that allow smartphone to automatically redirect the passenger to the site of the FCS of Russia.

Anna Polaskova, press Secretary of the Rostov customs