To issue commercial batch of goods for the goods for “personal use” failed

To issue commercial batch of goods for the goods for “personal use” failed

Commercial shipment of the goods found officials of the customs post of the Airport of Kazan, Tatarstan customs in the Luggage of a passenger arriving flight “Dubai-Kazan” and follow the “green” corridor. A citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, imported to the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union 351 subject for beauty salon thinning shears and professional hairdressing scissors, nail clippers for nails. All items were of different colors and sizes, with no signs of usage.

According to him, he is the owner of the company producing the goods. Documents confirming the cost of goods was, as they imported them for promotional purposes. Back Home going to return in April, but the take out items was not planned.

On a daily basis in the Luggage of citizens crossing the customs border, we identify commercial quantities of goods, says Mizanur Garayev, head of the customs post of the Airport of Kazan. All as one, plead ignorance of the customs rules. But ignorance, as we know, not an excuse. In this particular case, the nature and quantity of goods is not allowed in the order defined by the Customs code of the EAEU, to carry items, obviously designed for beauty shops, goods for personal use. Their movement must be carried out in accordance with the procedure established by law of the Eurasian economic Union, i.e. to make customs Declaration in electronic Privolzhsky customs.

The 22-year-old citizen of Pakistan initiated a case on administrative offense under part 1 of article 16.2 KoAP of the Russian Federation. The goods seized.

 Valentine Skorlygina,
the press Secretary of Tatarstan customs