Heroes among us

For more than 25 years working in Vyazemskiy customs post of Smolensk customs chief state customs inspector Victor Derevyanko. To the office he came in June 1995. For many years of conscientious work for the protection of economic interests of the Russian Federation Victor awarded medals “For service in customs bodies” of three degrees, the jubilee medal “25 years of Federal customs service”, the badge “Veteran of the customs service”.

Since December 1996, the Smolensk customs works driver Alexander Filippov, who is also for the faithful performance of their duties and years of service in customs bodies is marked by a number of departmental awards, including medals “For service in customs authorities”, second and third degree, medal “25 years of the Federal customs service”.

In their biographies there is one thing special, something that unites them and will long remain in their memory and heart, part in the fighting in Afghanistan.

In 1986 – 1988 Victor Derevyanko, a professional soldier, he served in the Republic of Afghanistan to the post of Deputy company commander for political Affairs. Awarded the order “red Star”.

Alexander Filippov served in Afghanistan three years before, a KAMAZ driver. Just flew more than 70 combat flights. Awarded the medal “For military merit”.

Many of the points still in the memory of Victor and Alexander of hard service, like, almost every day, went as on a knife edge, and life hanging in the balance. But they they don’t like to remember because it hurts…

Today Victor and Alexander continue to honestly and conscientiously serve their homeland, and then in Afghanistan.

Vladimir Safonov,
press Secretary of the Smolensk customs