The Yaroslavl custom reports: procedure of submission of statistical forms will be changes

Customs reminds organizations and entrepreneurs of the Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions, leading or planning mutual trade with the countries-participants of EurAsEC, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, of the need to provide to customs authorities of statistical forms of the account of movement of goods. Duty of persons to provide statistical forms set out in article 278 of the Federal law from 03.08.2018 No. 289-FZ “On customs regulation in the Russian Federation and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” and rules of their filling in and submission dates established by the resolution of the Russian Government from 07.12.2015 № 1329 “On the organization of statistics of mutual trade of the Russian Federation with member States of the Eurasian economic Union” (hereinafter – the Government Decision).

The statistical form should be created in the Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities on the official website of the Federal customs service ( in the section “statistical Declaration”, which also posted detailed instructions for participants in mutual trade on the procedure of filling and registration of the statistical forms.

Failure to submit or untimely submission to the customs authorities of statistical forms of the account of movement of goods or the submission of statistical forms containing false information, for the involvement of persons to administrative responsibility under article 19.7.13 of the administrative code of Russia. It is punishable by an administrative fine on legal entities and officials. Violation of procedure for submission of this type of reporting will lead not only to image but also financial losses of businesses and their leaders. A particularly unpleasant consequences result in cases where the organization or enterprise, being previously brought to administrative responsibility for violation of procedure for submission of statistical forms, allow the same violation again, which will lead to its qualification under part 2 of article 19.7.13 and a substantial increase in penalties.

2 months of this year the Yaroslavl customs opened 119 cases of failure to submit or late submission of statistical forms of the account of movement of goods in mutual trade of the Russian Federation with member States of the Eurasian economic Union, which roughly corresponds to the similar indicator of the beginning of 2019. In total for 2019 custom article 19.7.13 of the administrative code of Russia initiated 486 cases of administrative offenses. Assessed administrative fines in the amount of 2.9 million.

Custom draws the attention of applicants of the guide to statistical forms on paper, in accordance with the Decree of the government of the date of submission of statistical forms shall be the date of posting (according to the postmark) or the date of actual transfer of the statistical form to the customs authority. At the same time, so applicants should keep in mind that perhaps in the near future, the current procedure would be changed, and the only way to submit statform will be an electronic document generated using the digital signature and the hard copies a thing of the past. A message posted on the official website of FCS of Russia.

The application of digital signatures convenient for the applicant because it provides an automatic check of the statistical forms immediately after their formation without the need of print on paper and directions to the customs authority. This saves him time and money and, more importantly, reduces the likelihood of violation of deadlines for the submission of statistical forms. It should be noted that the number of participants in mutual trade and use a paperless form of presentation of statistical forms, is growing steadily, nevertheless the customs strongly recommends that in advance to prepare for the transition to the electronic format of statistical forms to those who have not yet done so. Detailed information about the procedure for obtaining a digital signature is placed on the website of the FCS of Russia.

On issues related to the execution of the duties of the submission of statistical forms, interested persons may apply to the Department of customs statistics of the Yaroslavl customs by phone (4852)79-76-58.

Phillip Kushnarev,
press Secretary of the Yaroslavl customs