In the Vyborg customs has passed the championship on mini-football among the leaders of the customs authorities SZTU

The open championship on mini-football among the leaders of the customs authorities of the North-Western customs administration was held in the sports hall, administrative and production buildings of the Vyborg customs. Your meeting the players dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. For the main prize challenged six teams of the customs authorities – the North-Western customs administration, Baltic, Kingisepp, Karelia, Russia and Vyborg customs.

Solemn opening of the championship began with the construction and the anthem of the Russian Federation. Welcoming participants, the head of SZTU Alexander About wished athletes a fair victory and excitement.

The game was dynamic and positive, in a friendly atmosphere. Fans following the match, with excitement supported their favorites, and the players, in turn, showed real professionalism. The heads of customs bodies were laid in the tournament, leading their teams. Each athlete tried to bring his team to victory. And the closer the competition came to an end, the more active, organized and fiercely fought game, the opponents, forcing each other to demonstrate their athletic possibilities.

After the much-anticipated finale, the fans eagerly awaited the announcement of the results of the championship, to get to rejoice the victory together with the players. First place was won by the Karelian customs, “silver” – from Kingisepp customs, and third place went to the hosts – team of the Vyborg customs. This position was novel Baryshnikov (SZTU), best striker – Andrey Parkhomenko (Kingisepp customs) and the title of best player was Alexander Yastrebov (Vyborg customs).

Turning to the awards ceremony, the chief of SZTU Alexander Occasion congratulated all the participants on the successful completion of the championship. Giving the teams prize cups, medals and diplomas, Alexander wished his colleagues further victories. Nachalnik SZTU noted the good level of organization of the tournament, that refreshed it with words of gratitude for the initiative and support of the sports movement in the customs authorities in the management of the Vyborg customs. In turn, Alexander Yastrebov expressed his hope that such sporting events will become a tradition.

Natalia Finogina,
press Secretary of the Vyborg customs