The timing of customs operations depend on the correct completion of electronic declarations

Currently, for the convenience of participants of foreign trade registration of electronic transit declarations in automatic mode is carried out in all customs bodies of the Russian Federation, vested with jurisdiction over the Commission of customs operations involving the placement of goods under the customs procedure of customs transit, regardless of mode of transport.

For declarants in this case for successful automatic registration and automated issue transit declarations should be made complete and accurate information in graphs of the electronic transit Declaration (ETD) to avoid common mistakes that can significantly increase the time of customs Declaration.

The Yaroslavl customs officers in the analysis filling in the boxes of electronic goods declarations have identified the most common errors declarants and customs representatives when filling them.

Says Deputy chief of Department of customs procedures and customs control of the Yaroslavl customs Igor Kalachev.

“Often declarants to fill out the ETD 44 submit incorrect information about the date, number, code, document or make information about the documents, the validity of which at the time of their filing has expired. There are cases when you submit incomplete information about the sender, the recipient, the declarant and the carrier, or simply do not make the necessary information, in specified columns. Many mistakes are revealed to us and when checking the information on the number of goods indicated in the transport document and electronic transit Declaration. And when checking the information in ETD, such as the type of vehicle, the country of its registration and state registration numbers,” said Igor Kalachev.

For 5 months of the current year in the region of Yaroslavl customs, the share of electronic transit declarations have successfully completed the auto-registration amounted to 77.8%.

According to Igor Kalachev, one of the main conditions for reducing the incidence of failure in the automatic registration of electronic transit Declaration is the fields of ETD in strict accordance with the requirements established by the Commission Decision of the Customs Union of 18 June 2010 № 289 “On the form and procedure for filling the transit Declaration”.

Autoregistration electronic transit declarations is a necessary stage for the transition to autobypass of goods under the customs procedure of customs transit. In this regard, the filling of electronic documents in strict accordance with the law allows, besides the reduction of terms of customs operations, increase the level of communication between participants of foreign economic activity with the customs authorities, to provide automatic processing of information in the ETD and in the submitted documents without participation of officials of the customs authority. When using this technology, the declarant has the opportunity to control the process and obtain information about declaring the customs procedure of customs transit in real time, which in turn, will allow in particular, to reduce the costs of businesses.

Phillip Kushnarev,

press Secretary of the Yaroslavl customs