The strain of coronavirus was the Declaration in the Tomsk customs for scientific purposes

The strain of coronavirus was the Declaration in the Tomsk customs for scientific purposes

In early April the Tomsk customs issued a Declaration on the strain of coronavirus. The company imported it for research.

In the framework of non-proliferation measures coronavirus infection 2019-nCoV Russian company for research and vaccine development in the future, imported from the USA in the Moscow region of the viral particle.

The Declaration of the strain was submitted remotely from the electronic Declaration Center Tomsk customs April 10, 2020. Viral particles were moved in the vial 23 X 0.6 milliliters, and weigh 88 grams. But due to the fact that transportation and storage temperature of 2-8°C, the products housed in the cold box filled with icepacks. Together with the container particles weighed 4.5 kilograms.

According to the legislation on the registration of the Declaration is given 1 hour, and the release of the goods – 1 working day following the day of registration of the Declaration. But, understanding the priority of execution of such items, inspectors Tomsk customs registered the Declaration, checked the compliance with prohibitions and restrictions, the documents, on the basis of which it is full, and released product in less than 1 hour. This is the second case of declaring the viral particles in the Tomsk customs. The first such Declaration was issued on 30 January 2020.

Customs officers now special attention is given to production of essential goods, medical supplies.

Tomsk customs for the past period 2020 issued imported latex gloves worth about 100 thousand dollars. Export prior to the entry into force of the ban on the export of medical masks cost about 25 thousand dollars, respirators worth more than 22 thousand US dollars. Basically, these goods moved through the Moscow air hub, and remotely was declared in the Center for electronic Declaration of the Tomsk customs.