The rule of law is one of the main principles of work of the Yaroslavl customs officers

An important function of the legal Department of the Yaroslavl customs is the legal protection of state interests and interests of customs in arbitration courts and courts of General jurisdiction.

Officers of the legal Department since the beginning of the year 2020 was carried out in 57 cases and in all necessary cases, took part in the trial courts of various instances, including representing the interests of FCS of Russia.

Says the Deputy head of the legal Department of the Yaroslavl customs Yulia Miroshnichenko: “the outcome of litigation in the past few years, relatively stable, in this category of cases is quite diverse. This appeal against decisions on bringing to administrative responsibility, this case related to classification of goods. A lot of controversy related to appeals against decisions on results of customs audits and disputes against decisions on introducing changes and additions to the information specified in the Declaration for goods in customs cost of the goods.”

One of the main tasks of the legal Department has been and remains the task of ensuring compliance with the law in the implementation of customs authorities of their functions. The implementation of this problem and directed the work of the division on complaints of individuals against decisions, actions or inaction of customs bodies and their officials.

Julia Miroshnychenko said: “during the first quarter of 2020 in Yaroslavl the office received eight complaints of interested persons. of these, six cases were sent for supplies in the Central customs Directorate. One complaint was considered on the merits, the appeal is denied, the decision of the customs office recognized as lawful. In another consideration of the merits was denied. Of the 15 judicial cases on claims to custom, not in favor of customs not dealt with any cases”.

In order to reduce the illegal decisions in 2017-2020 customs conducted a series of activities aimed at elimination of reasons and conditions contributing to the adoption of illegal decisions. So, to identify the facts, circumstances and reasons for the Commission staff of disciplinary actions are conducted the performance audit. Also the measures of a material nature to the officials who accepted illegal decisions. To enhance the legal awareness of personnel at regular intervals to study regulatory legal acts, requirements of which are violated.

An important component in improving legal literacy of individuals and legal entities in the field of customs is a free public service for information and counselling that is provided free of charge by the officials of the legal Department. In the current year provided for more than 30 consultations on various customs issues, none of which has become a cause for complaint or litigation.

Phillip Kushnarev,

press Secretary of the Yaroslavl customs