The customs attaches from 15 countries attended the FCS of Russia on the eve of the International day of customs officer

24 January 2020 in the FCS of Russia hosted a solemn reception for the participants of the Moscow international club of customs attache on the occasion of the International day of customs officer.

The meeting was attended by diplomats from Hungary, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkey, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and South Ossetia, and also representatives of FCS of Russia in foreign States and veterans of the customs service.

With a welcoming speech of the head of the FCS of Russia Vladimir Bulavin. He summarized the main results of the work of the international customs cooperation over the past year and thanked his colleagues for their openness and readiness for constructive interaction.

So, in 2019, has conducted extensive work on mutual recognition of AEO status. A new impulse was given to the project “Green corridors” with China and Turkey.

Vladimir Bulavin: “today we maintain contacts with more than 100 foreign customs administrations. Exchange experiences, implement joint projects and share best practices in the field of customs administration. I am sure that such a constructive approach is key to successful accomplish our service goals”.

In the eve of the meeting of the Club of customs attachés were able to get acquainted with the work of one of the e-customs authorities – the Center of electronic Declaration of the Moscow regional customs, and to assess the applicable Russian customs with modern technology.

At the end of the event Vladimir Bulavin presented to the customs attaché of the Federal customs service of Russia medal for his contribution to the development and strengthening of international customs cooperation.


FCS maintains contacts with more than 100 foreign customs administrations. In 2019, the legal base was augmented with 23 documents and today has 326 international agreements and memorandums concluded with the 71 government.

Currently, there are 23 representative Offices of the FCS of Russia abroad are more than 100 employees of the Russian customs authorities.

In October 2019, the Representative of the FCS of Russia sent to Uzbekistan in December – in the Netherlands. Expanded Representation in China: the representative of the FCS of Russia sent to Shanghai.