Tatarstan customs officers found the illegal import of jewelry

Tatarstan customs officers found the illegal import of jewelry

In the Kazan international airport named after G. Tukai in the course of customs control of the flight “Istanbul-Kazan” officials of the customs post Airport Kazan identified three smuggling jewelry.

In the Luggage of three citizens of the Russian Federation, has chosen to pass customs control “green” corridor, were rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, chains, metal, silver color. Most items were stones of various colors, shapes and sizes. Two residents of Leninogorsk was with myself and 1066 1015 products, respectively, and a resident of Naberezhnye Chelny – 178. All products were in individual packages. Some contained a label marked “made in turkey 925”, others indicate the country of origin was not. Each product had samples produced by stamping “925”.

All three moved the goods, the nature and amount of which did not allow the customs authority in the manner specified in clause 4 of article 256 customs code of the EAEU include the goods for goods for personal use, – says the head of the customs office Kazan Airport Tatarstan customs Mizanur Garayev. – The movement of commercial consignments of goods across the customs border of the Union shall be made in accordance with the procedure established by Union law, without regard to the specifics established by Chapter 37 of the Customs code of the EAEU.

Thus, citizens did not fulfill the obligation of the declarant in accordance with paragraph 1 paragraph 2 article 84 of the customs code of the EAEU and did not make customs Declaration of goods transported across the customs border, in respect of each of them filed the case on administrative offense under part 1 of article 16.2 KoAP of the Russian Federation.

Conducted an administrative investigation.

Valentine Skorlygina,
the press Secretary of Tatarstan customs