Sergey Amelyanovich said about encouraging transit at the online conference “Container thread-2020”

About the influence of modern customs technologies on the development of transit has told the first Deputy chief of head Department of organization of customs clearance and customs control (Quoteid) of the FCS of Russia Sergey Amelyanovich during an online conference in TASS “Container thread-2020″, held on 7 July 2020.

The digitalization and acceleration of customs processes, implementation of auto-enrollment and autopause declarations, electronic Declaration of transit procedure and other digital projects of the FCS of Russia has considerably simplified the process of transportation of cargoes on the territory of Russia.

Sergey Amelyanovich: “We use “figure”, starting from the arrival of the goods at the checkpoint and ending with their departure from the customs territory. Today a fully electronic Declaration has become the norm for business. A significant proportion of goods is issued and is issued without the participation of officials in automatic mode. For example, the export is automatically registered, more than 80% of the returns, of which almost every other Declaration is issued in automatic mode”.

More than 99% of batches of goods placed under the customs transit procedure, are issued by Russian customs authorities in electronic form. To do this, use electronic transit Declaration (ETD) and legal documents signed by electronic digital signature (EDS).

Submit ETD a trader can through service “Personal Cabinet” on the website of the FCS of Russia, or through their own information system, if it is connected to the system of customs authorities (UAIS THAT). From October 2019 ETD is automatically registered.

Sergey Amelyanovich: “In the first half of 2020, we have issued more than 300 thousand ETD, automatically registered more than 81 thousand ETD. Currently also testing the technology of issue: in 2020, this order was issued more than 16 thousand ETD”.

A number of projects on development of transit potential of the FCS of Russia implemented jointly with JSC “RZD”. For example, while in transit on the route Naushki-Brest to apply technology electronic confirmation of the legal significance of documents; involved in the ability of Russian and Belarusian Railways.

Sergey Amelyanovich: “cross-border certification and use of legal documents using digital signatures – this is something many are now working and we already implement the”.

Also the FCS of Russia moved on to the practical implementation of the project for use of electronic navigational fillings. The technology was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of transport, Russian Railways and business. It allows you to track the movement of goods, monitor the integrity of cargo compartment and use the results of such control in the customs.

Sergey Amelyanovich: “the results that air seal provides a tracking system, we can use for minimization of customs control in the checkpoints and in places of delivery. That is, when we see that with a load, nothing happened along the way, it allows us to simplify the performance of customs operations”.

In collaboration with partners in the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), the FCS is also working to create a unified transit system in the Eurasian economic Union. Element of this system will be the navigation and electronic seals that can be applied on the whole route of the cargo – not only in Russia but also in other member countries of the EAEU. All these points are reflected in strategy of development of the EAEC by 2025.


The moderator of the discussion “International transport corridors East-West and North-South” – Pavel Chistyakov, Vice-President of OOO “Center of Economics of infrastructure. The session also acted as Secretary General of the International coordination Council for TRANS-Eurasian transportation Gennady Bessonov, Deputy chief (development of transport and logistics activities) of the Russian Railways Alexander Voronin, project Manager for the development of export logistics REC Alevtina Kirillova, Vice-President of the Federation of associations of transport and logistics companies in India, Shankar Shinde, representatives of the business community.